Monday, October 1, 2012

"Bespoke" Tour residency hosted by Beaford Arts

From 17th - 21st September "Bespoke" Tour choreographer Freddie Opoku-Addaie was joined by all four of our Dance Compass Ambassadors along with each each area's selected craft artist in a week of colloboration and development at Beaford Arts.
Freddie taking notes from  East Devon Textile maker Louise Cottey

Freddie and the ambassadors fully absorbed by West Devon Silk Weaver Jane Deane

  The week was spent exploring each craft artist's work and how their individual medium of work could be interwoven into each dance performance on the Tour.

Freddie experimenting with North Devon Eco-Artist Pete Ward
Over the week Freddie and his team were introduced to the processes involved in the silk weaving, textile making, sculpting and natural art practices of Jane Dean, Louise Cottey, Philip Wakeham and Pete Ward.
From left to right: West Devon Silk Weaver Jane Deane; East Devon Ambassador Ruth Bell; "Bespoke" choreographer Freddie Opoku-Addaie; (standing Centre) South Devon Ambassador Claire Summers; (kneeling centre) North Devon Ambassador Katy Lee; West Devon Ambassador Jessica Squire; South Devon Sculptor Phillip Wakeham; East Devon Textile Maker Louise Cottey
Each performance on the tour will be "hand -crafted" so to speak, adapting the core piece to speak with a different voice on each leg of the Tour. Most importantly, it means each leg is a celebration of the craft and artists in that community. The tour is a celebration of what makes each of these communities unique and special and it is this aspect of the tour which is a core value of the Compass Project.

Book your tickets now for the "Bespoke" Tour! Visit the "Bespoke" Page for booking details.

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