Monday, June 18, 2012

Announcement: Craft Artists working on "Bespoke" Project selected!

As part of the Dance Compass project, Royal Opera House Choreographer Freddie Opoku-Addaie and his Company will be performing a specially adapted performance - "Bespoke"- in each Compass Point area.
Freddie Opoku-Addaie: Developing "Bespoke" with our Compass Ambassadors (February)
The special performance will include a unique collaboration in each area with local dance groups and craft artists as well as a guest performance from members of the Royal Ballet!
Four craft artists from the North, South, East and West have now been selected by Freddie to collaborate with him on a this specialised new creation which combines high quality dance with skilled craftmaking.
Artists from each locality have been selected, so that each performance will (as the name suggests) be a truly "Bespoke" experience in each locality.
The four chosen Craft artists are:
North Devon - Pete Ward (Eco Artist)
Pete Ward is an Environmental Artist and Illustrator whose contemporary art practice aims to enable a sense of connection and compassion with the natural world  through the use of appropriately derived materials. 
For more about Pete's work visit his website.
*Pictured- "7 Days of Creation" by Pete Ward
Jane is a textile designer and tutor working with fibre, yarn and dyes. Her particular passions are colour in the form of natural synthetic dyes and silk fibres.
Visit Jane's website for more information on her craft.

East Devon - Louise Cottey (Textile Weaving)

Louise has been weaving for over 14 years and has enjoyed a number of commissions including large curtains for Corn Barn Wedding venue and cashmere shawls for Devon Fine Fibres. Her collections include scarves, wraps and blankets usually in wool.

Visit Louise's website for more insight into her work.

Philip is a sculptor and artist whose work diverse diverse, innovative and thought-provoking. Philips work includes sculpture with a variety of materials (but mainly using bronze) and also human portraits.More of Philip's work can be seen here.

"The Girl with the Dove" by Philip Wakeham

*The 4 performances (one in each area) will take place later this year over September and October.
Details for dates and venues of performances will be announced shortly.