Monday, April 16, 2012

What is The Dance Compass?

With Support from Arts Council England  and Devon County Council for our new dance project, Dance in Devon has embarked on a new project which will find the highest quality dance reaching into the farthest corners of Devon county.

Targeting specific communities North, South, East & West with wrap-around dance excitement for a whole year, the Devon Dance Compass project will benefit many.

A core aim of the Compass Project is to tackle issues including social and geographic isolation which make it difficult for people in many rural areas of Devon to access and enjoy the many benefits of dance.

The project will involve the delivery of dance activity including regular dance classes in local areas for all ages, facilitating workshops delivered by local dance practitioners and teachers. 
It will also be enriched by a residency with Freddie Opoku-Addaie & company who will be touring locally a unique work especially for the Compass Project entitled "Bespoke".

Touring in October 2012, Bespoke will be performed at each of the compass points (North, South, East, West) in collaboration with a local craft artist in each area who will also produce a work which will be incorporated in the performance.

What this means for Devon >>>>
  • Four new Devon Area Dance Ambassadors with Dance in Devon
  • Community dance activities for all age groups and abilities
  • Spreading dance to the more rural areas- getting everyone involved in dance.
  • Chances for local professionals to work with visiting artists
  • Leadership courses
  • Professional performances
Through the compass project, people in communities all over Devon will stand to enjoy and have their lives enriched by high quality dance in their area unlike ever before.

This is The Devon Dance Compass - taking dance to all corners of Devon!

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